Yesterday, the FCC announced the appointment of six members to USAC’s Board of Directors.  Don’t expect much change in the way USAC operates, however:  five of the six members are current members of USAC’s board.  The only new board member is Jose Manuel Jimenez of Cox Communications, who fills a vacant position reserved for cable operators.  

One position — a board position reserved for interexchange carriers with more than $3 billion in annual revenues — remains vacant.  See the FCC’s public notice seeking nominations here

The six board members are listed below.  

The six board members named were:

  • Representative for commercial mobile radio service providers: Scott Bergmann, Assistant Vice President for Regulatory Affairs, CTIA
  • Representative for schools that are eligible to receive discounts: Anne Bryant, Executive Director, National School Boards Association
  • Representative for libraries that are eligible to receive discounts: Anne Campbell, Consultant, ALC Consulting
  • Representative for cable operators: Jose Manuel Jimenez, Executive Director, Regulatory Policy & Industry Relations, Cox Communications, Inc.
  • Representative for state consumer advocates: Wayne Jortner, Senior Counsel, State of Maine Office of the Public Advocate
  • Representative for non-rural incumbent LECs: Joel Lubin, Vice President-Public Policy, AT&T Services, Inc.

Congratulations to each board member.  For more on USAC and the Universal Service Fund, visit the Universal Service links in our Resource Center.