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DOT Weighs Whether to Permit Voice Calls on Airlines with Advance Notice to Passengers

Imagine boarding a cross-country flight and finding yourself next to someone who will be talking on his or her cell phone for the next three hours. Would it make a difference if you knew ahead of time that the flight allowed voice calls?  This scenario is exactly what the Department of Transportation (DOT) is proposing.… Continue Reading

The Presidential, Senate and House Elections, Results and Policy Implications

Designed to serve as a comprehensive review of Tuesday’s elections, our guide analyzes the 2016 results and looks ahead to the 115th Congress with an in-depth review of upcoming changes to the House and Senate. The presentation further reviews key policy issues facing the President and the Congress, including tax, trade, healthcare, transportation and infrastructure, regulatory … Continue Reading

D.C. Circuit Affirms FCC’s Net Neutrality Order

On June 14, 2016, the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit upheld the FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order, which classified broadband Internet access service (BIAS) as a “telecommunications service” under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, and imposed on providers a slate of “open Internet” and traditional common-carrier regulations. In … Continue Reading

FCC Brings Telecom Carrier Pole Attachment Rates Down to Parity with Cable Rates

In late November, the FCC issued an Order on Reconsideration updating the telecommunications carrier pole attachment formula in its rules.  Specifically, the FCC adopted modified cost allocators to bring parity to the pole attachment rates for telecommunications carrier attachers and cable company attachers in nearly all circumstances.  The timing of the Reconsideration Order came in … Continue Reading

Steve Augustino joining upcoming TeleStrategies Webinar panel: USA Freedom Act Impact on US Telephone Industry on July 16 at 1:00 ET

The USA Freedom Act was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama on June 2, 2015. Much is certain about this law, for example, after six months the phone companies, not NSA will hold the bulk phone records but not the content. A new kind of court order will permit the government to … Continue Reading

New Rural Call Completion Deadlines Established

We now know that the Rural Call Completion rules the Federal Communications Commission adopted in late 2013, and modified in November 2014, have taken effect, with obligations commencing as soon as April 1, 2015.   The rules require certain originating long-distance providers to record, retain, and report information on delivery of long distance calls to rural … Continue Reading

Making the Grade: FCC Seeks Comment on New Eligible Services List to Implement E-rate Reform

The Wireline Competition Bureau recently released a draft Eligible Services List (“ESL”) for FY 2015 funding requests for schools and libraries under the E-rate program, and is seeking comment on the draft list for funding year 2015.  Implementing the new E-rate rules, the ESL outlines the category one and two services that will qualify for … Continue Reading

FCC Seeking More Comment on Allowing VoIP Providers Direct Access to Numbers

With new access charge obligations for interconnected VoIP, new contribution obligations for non-interconnected VoIP, and possible outage reporting requirements, 2012 is shaping up as a year of changes for VoIP providers.  Another possible change may be in store for how VoIP providers obtain access to telephone numbers. Since 2005, various petitions have been pending seeking a waiver of FCC rules to allow interconnected … Continue Reading

VoIP Coalition Warns of Excessive Regulation

In late May, the Voice on the Net Coalition ("VON") held a series of meetings with FCC Commissioner’s offices concerning VoIP regulations.  The Coalition discussed topics affecting 21 pending FCC dockets, and, according to the summary of the meetings, "expressed concern that additional regulation of the IP communications industry could deter investment and innovation …"  The … Continue Reading

Kelley Drye Adds LA Office, Entertainment and Media Capabilities

We are pleased to announce that Kelley Drye is expanding its national presence by merging with White O’Connor Fink & Brenner LLP, a highly respected Los Angeles litigation firm best known for its success in complex business and entertainment industry litigation. This merger returns Kelley Drye to California and adds a significant new expertise in the … Continue Reading

Attention Subscribers: Need to Re-Subscribe

Please Note: The host of the Telecom Law Monitor has made some technical improvements to how email notifications are sent. If you have signed up to receive email alerts, you will need to reconfirm to receive future alerts when we post new entries. If you are not currently subscribed to receive email updates, but would … Continue Reading

VoIP Gets More Duck-Like: FCC Extends Discontinuance of Service Rules to Interconnected VoIP Providers

In a move that surprised almost no one, the FCC extended its discontinuance of service rules to providers of interconnected VoIP services.  When this latest action becomes effective, interconnected VoIP providers will be required to give customers advance notice of plans to discontinue service and will have to file for FCC approval of such actions.  … Continue Reading