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ITSPs and CMRS Providers Can Now Review and Revise FCC Annual Regulatory Fee Information; September Payment Deadline Not Yet Set

By Public Notice released Friday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) announced that Interstate Telecommunications Service Providers (ITSP) and Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) providers can now log in to preview the provider’s FY2017 regulatory fee data in the FCC’s Fee Filer system.  ITSPs and CMRS providers have limited time to request any revisions … Continue Reading

FCC Releases Updated 2016 Universal Service Revenue Reporting Worksheet

It’s a new year and the FCC has just released its annual update to the FCC Form 499A.  Telecommunications providers must use the 2016 Form 499A to report calendar year 2015 revenues for purposes of calculating contributions to the federal Universal Service Fund and other revenue-based contribution requirements including TRS, LNP, NANP and annual FCC … Continue Reading

In Advance of Adoption of the Annual FCC Regulatory Fee Order, FCC makes Interstate Telecommunications Service Provider and Commercial Mobile Radio Service Provider Annual FCC Regulatory Fee Data Available for Review

Although the FCC has yet to release this year’s Annual Regulatory Fee Order, the Commission is preparing for the payments to be received next month.  In a public notice released on August 18, 2015, the FCC announced that Interstate Telecommunications Service Providers (ITSP) and Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) providers can now review their annual … Continue Reading

In a Shift, FCC Shelves Prior Forfeiture Methodology For Failure to Pay Into USF and Other Federal Programs

Today, the Federal Communications Commission released a Policy Statement announcing a “treble damages” methodology to assess forfeitures for failure to make payment to a series of federal programs, a move which the agency anticipates will allow it to begin “significantly more investigations.”    The new policy appears to allow the FCC to impose significantly larger fines than … Continue Reading

Annual FCC Regulatory Fees Due September 13, 2012

As is customary every year, the FCC recently announced the due date for its annual FCC regulatory fees. Regulatory fees must be paid no later than 11:59 PM on September 13, 2012, Eastern Daylight Time. Most federal licensees and other regulated entities must pay these regulatory fees to offset costs associated with the FCC’s enforcement, … Continue Reading

FCC Extends Regulatory Fee Deadline Until Friday

If you missed last night’s deadline for making FCC regulatory fee payments, there’s good news.  The FCC extended the deadline by 48 hours;  Fees are now due by September 16 at 11:59 pm.  Late payments after that date are subject to a mandatory, non-waivable late fee of 25% of the amount due.… Continue Reading

2011 Regulatory Fee Update — Fees Due September 14

As in years, past, we’re tracking the FCC Regulatory fees for you.  The Regulatory Fee is an annual assessment mandated by Congress to recover most of the FCC’s cost of doing business.  Regulatory fees are recovered directly from the entities the FCC regulates.  As I’ve noted before, the FCC collects nearly half of its fees … Continue Reading

2010 Regulatory Fee Update — FCC Begins Accepting Payments

It’s official — FCC regulatory fees are due on August 31.  Here are the links you will need to make payment by the deadline: FCC announcement of the August 31 deadline FCC public notice — Payment methods and procedures FCC public notice – Fee filer system FCC public notice — ITSP fees (with payment code) … Continue Reading

FCC Regulatory Fees Likely Due in August

In July, we reported that the FCC had adopted its FY 2010 regulatory fee schedule.  In past years, regulatory fees were due in September, usually in the third week of the month.  However, it looks like this year’s fee will be due significantly earlier — by August 31, 2010. The first hint of an earlier … Continue Reading

Final 2010 FCC Regulatory Fees Released

Following on the release of the 2010-11 TRS Fund contribution factor, the Commission today released its final regulatory fee schedule for FY 2010.  The Commission adopted a telecommunications provider fee that is slightly lower than it proposed in April.  The regulatory fee for telecommunications providers (including audio bridging providers) is $0.00349 per revenue dollar reported … Continue Reading

Telecommunications Relay Service Fund Contribution Factor Decreases

We have a classic "man bites dog" story for you today:  The FCC announced that its contribution factor for the fund that supports the Telecommunications Relay Service — a telecom assistance service for persons with hearing or speech disabilities — is decreasing by nearly 50%.  Whereas last year’s TRS contribution factor was 1.1% of telecom revenues, … Continue Reading

Proposed 2010 FCC Regulatory Fees Released

On April 13, the FCC released its proposed schedule of FY 2010 FCC Regulatory Fees.  By law, the FCC is obligated to collect $335 million in fees in FY 2010 from the entities that it regulates.  This order identifies how the FCC proposes to allocate the fees.  Among the highlights: The regulatory fee for telecommunications carriers … Continue Reading

Compliance Alert — FCC Sets Regulatory Fees for 2009

As it does annually at this time, the FCC established its regulatory fee assessment methodology for 2009.  For the past few years, Congress has mandated that the FCC recover the majority of its $350 million plus budget from companies within the FCC’s jurisdiction via the regulatory fee.  In the Order, the FCC established a regulatory fee for … Continue Reading