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FCC Plans to Speed Broadband Deployment Through One-Touch Make-Ready Fastlane for Pole Attachments

After a year of heated debate between pole owners and service providers, the FCC is poised to adopt a one-touch make-ready (“OTMR”) process for the “vast majority” of pole attachments at its meeting on August 2, 2018. Late last week, the FCC released a draft Order and Declaratory Ruling that would implement a streamlined process for service … Continue Reading

Sixth Circuit Reverses FCC’s Preemption of State Laws on Municipal Broadband

Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit reversed the FCC’s order preempting Tennessee and North Carolina laws that prevented municipalities from deploying cable services, video services, and Internet services beyond their current territorial boundaries to underserved nearby areas.  The decision is a setback for Chairman Wheeler, who had pushed the preemption decision … Continue Reading

Now on Deck: Carrier Asks FCC to Preempt Pennsylvania PUC VoIP Decision

The VoIP jurisdictional saga continues.  Last month, we discussed a decision by the Pennsylvania PUC asserting jurisdiction over intrastate Voice over IP calls and a decision by a US District Court reaching the opposite conclusion.  Tomorrow, parties are asked to comment on a petition seeking, among other things, to preempt the Pennsylvania decision.  We will … Continue Reading