As we discussed previously, the FCC is proposing to extend outage reporting obligations to interconnected VoIP providers, broadband Internet access providers and to Internet "backbone" providers.  With the release of the text of the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, we now know the specific triggers the FCC is proposing to use for these providers.

In a first, the FCC is proposing to set the triggers based on packet loss, average round-trip latency and average jitter measurements.  This proposal essentially would set minimum service quality standards for IP-enabled services — another first for the FCC.

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As we noted earlier this week, the FCC is moving ahead to expand its reporting obligations for telecommunications outages.  Touting the outage reporting rules as a 911 service protection, the FCC proposed to expand its outage reporting rules to require interconnected VoIP and broadband Internet service providers to submit reports to the FCC, as wireline, wireless, cable and satellite providers must today.  Indeed "resilience" and "reliability" were the buzzwords of the presentation before the Commission. 

5/16 UPDATE:  The FCC released the text of its proposal, which would set a service quality standard for IP-enabled services for the first time. 

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It has taken nearly a year since the FCC’s Public Safety Bureau first started laying the groundwork, but the FCC is poised to consider expanding its outage reporting rules to cover interconnected VoIP communications and broadband Internet access providers.  The Commission will consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to extend the outage reporting rules at

Despite issues over the FCC’s jurisdiction in light of the Comcast decision, the FCC’s Public Safety Bureau took a step toward possible extension of the FCC’s outage reporting requirements to broadband service providers and providers of interconnected VoIP services.  In a July 2 Public Notice, the Bureau seeks comment "in advance of" a possible Commission rulemaking proceeding.  The comment request in many ways presumes that the outage reporting rules should apply, and asks a number of questions about how they could apply and what changes might be necessary in light of the different technologies involved.  Clearly, the Bureau is seeking to do its homework before the Commission initiates a rulemaking proceeding.

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