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Comment Dates Announced for NPRM to Streamline Equipment Authorizations

On August 6, 2015, a summary of the Federal Communications Commission’s (“FCC’s”) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (“NPRM”) proposing changes to further streamline the FCC’s equipment authorizations procedures was published in the Federal Register.   The NPRM seeks comment on several proposals to update and modify the rules governing the procedures Radiofrequency (“RF”) devices must satisfy … Continue Reading

FCC Proposing to Further Streamline Equipment Authorizations

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission (“Commission”) released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (“NPRM”) seeking comment on several proposals to update and modify the rules governing the procedures Radiofrequency (“RF”) devices must satisfy prior to being marketed.  Comments are due September 8, 2015 and reply comments are due September 21, 2015.… Continue Reading

New FCC Equipment Authorization Rules to Take Effect July 13, 2015

In an earlier blog post, we reported on the Federal Communications Commission’s December 30, 2014, decision to expand the role of Telecommunications Certifications Bodies (“TCBs”), requiring them to process all applications for transmitters and other equipment subject to the certification procedure.  The FCC’s Order was recently published in the Federal Register, establishing the effective date for … Continue Reading

FCC Expands Role of Telecommunications Certification Bodies in Equipment Authorization Regime

Just before the New Year, the Commission released revised equipment authorization rules providing that Telecommunications Certifications Bodies (“TCBs”) will soon process and grant all applications for certification.  As set forth in the Report and Order released December 30, 2014, although the Office of Engineering and Technology (“OET”) of the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) will cease accepting … Continue Reading

KDW Webinar Release: “Navigating the Potential Hazards of FCC Spectrum Use Enforcement”

The Federal Communications Commission continues to step up its enforcement actions against communications and technology companies with increasing emphasis on spectrum and licensing matters, including operating outside the rules (or with expired authority), unauthorized transfers of control or assignments, and operation of unlawful signal boosters and jammers. View webinar recording View slide deck… Continue Reading

FCC Clarifies New Medical Telemetry Rules, Finalizes MBAN Coordinator Selection Process

Late last week, on August 21, 2014, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) released an Order on Reconsideration and Second Report and Order regarding the authorization of Medical Body Area Networks (“MBANs”) on a secondary basis in the 2360-2400 MHz band to enhance patient safety, care and comfort, as well as protect against interference to primary aeronautical mobile … Continue Reading

FCC Releases Wireless Microphone Small Entity Compliance Guidance

The Federal Communications Commission today released a small entity compliance guide regarding its June 2, 2014 Second Report and Order expanding the types of entities that are eligible to operate wireless microphones.  When all of the new rules become effective, professional sound companies and the owners and operators of large venues that routinely use 50 … Continue Reading

FCC Launches Proceeding to Facilitate Deployment of Distributed Antenna Systems and Small Cell Solutions

  On September 26, 2013, the Federal Communications Commission released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (“NPRM”) in which it will address and update rules and policies applying to wireless infrastructure builds. The NPRM proposes a series of rule changes designed to remove barriers to the expansion of wireless infrastructure, especially for Distributed Antenna Systems (“DAS”), small … Continue Reading

Questions About Scope of Local Authority May Come to Fore Given Expanded Opportunities for Unlicensed Deployments

Mike Dover contributed to this blog post. The Federal Communications Commission continues to pave additional avenues for building out wireless broadband networks and installing other high speed links, but questions linger over the authority of state and local governments to review and even block wireless infrastructure trying to capitalize on the FCC decisions. For example, … Continue Reading

FCC Bypasses Issuing a Warning and Proposes $32,000 Forfeiture to Individual User of a GPS Jammer

In a departure from its earlier cases involving the unlawful use by individuals of Global Positioning System (“GPS”) jamming devices, the Commission last Friday issued a Notice of Apparent Liability and Forfeiture (“NAL”) proposing fines totaling $31,875 to an individual violator. Gary Bojczak told the FCC that he had deployed the jamming device in question … Continue Reading

FCC Proposes First Fines against Users of Cell Phone Jammers

Two recent releases by the FCC expand its campaign against unlawful cell phone jammer use, which over the past few years has been limited to aggressive enforcement against manufacturers and retailers. On April 9, 2013, the Federal Communications Commission released its first-ever forfeiture actions against operators of cell phone jammers, proposing that each operator be … Continue Reading

The FCC Continues Its Hunt for Unauthorized Broadcast Operations

  Last week, the FCC issued two Notices of Apparent Liability (“NALs”) against persons identified through various investigative techniques which the Commission concluded were operating unauthorized broadcast stations. Taken together, the cases illustrate, if not altogether clearly, how the Commission may increase forfeitures above the base amount as a result of aggravating circumstances.  In the … Continue Reading

FCC Proposes Fine of Nearly $100,000 against Chevron Subsidiary for Failure to Timely Renew Two Licenses and for Operating without Authorization

Earlier this month the FCC gave some indication just how costly it can be to fail to renew a spectrum license in a timely fashion and keep operating. On November 2, 2012, the Commission issued a Notice of Apparent Liability (“NAL”) against Union Oil Company of California (“UOCC”), a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation (“Chevron”) proposing … Continue Reading

FCC Lab Offers Major New Guidance on Equipment Authorization and RF Exposure Evaluation Procedures and Announces Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Circulation at the Commission

On October 24, the FCC Laboratory published a number of new and updated documents through its Knowledge Database (“KDB”) that liberalize further the equipment authorization process for a number of product types, including Software Defined Radios (“SDRs”).  That same day, the Lab released numerous other KDB publications providing guidance regarding both its RF exposure test … Continue Reading

FCC Steps up Efforts Against Cellphone Jammers and GPS Blockers

Steve Augustino contributed to this blog post. In recent years, the FCC has conducted a number of investigations and initiated several enforcement matters against unauthorized marketing and use of cellphone jammers, GPS blockers, and similar equipment. To date, the agency has limited itself mostly to citations without monetary penalties, as well as enforcement advisories at irregular … Continue Reading

FCC’s U-NII Advisory and Enforcement Actions Underscore Potential Growing Pains of Spectrum Sharing by Unlicensed Devices

One of the central issues in any spectrum sharing environment is the ability to enforce compliance with the regulations governing operation of the devices in the band, particularly the operation of secondary devices sharing spectrum on a non-interference basis with primary services. This is equally the case when new categories of unlicensed users gain access … Continue Reading