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FCC Seeks Comment on GM Request for Waiver of RTT Requirements for Autonomous Vehicle Chat Feature

The FCC issued a Public Notice on December 26, 2018 seeking input on a petition from General Motors Holding LLC (“GM”) that requests partial waiver of the interoperability functionalities for accessible real-time text (“RTT”) technology, as defined by the FCC. GM intends to launch an autonomous vehicle (“AV”) ride-hailing service in the near future that … Continue Reading

Finally Naming the Duck? Eighth Circuit Decides VoIP is an Information Service, Preempts Minnesota Regulation

After more than twenty years, VoIP’s unclassified status may be coming to an end. Last month, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision in Charter Advanced Services LLC v. Lange in which it considered whether an interconnected VoIP service offered by Charter can be regulated like a telecommunications service by the Minnesota Public … Continue Reading

FCC Plans Major Wireless Deployment and 911 Actions at September Meeting

Continuing its focus on broadband infrastructure deployment for 5G technologies, the FCC announced that it plans to eliminate regulatory impediments that delay and increase the cost of wireless deployments at its next meeting, scheduled for September 26, 2018. The item would alter the balance of power between wireless broadband providers and state/local governments concerning control … Continue Reading

July 2017 FCC Meeting Recap: FCC Plans to Strengthen and Expand “Slamming” and “Cramming” Rules

At its July 2017 Open Meeting, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (“NPRM”) designed to strengthen and expand consumer protections against “slamming” and “cramming.” Slamming is the unauthorized change of a consumer’s preferred service provider, while cramming is the placement of unauthorized charges on a consumer’s telephone bill.  As we … Continue Reading

FCC Expands Hearing Aid Compatibility Rules to Wi-Fi Calling and VoIP and Proposes Compatibility for All Handsets

On November 19, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) adopted a Fourth Report and Order (R&O) and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), expanding its hearing aid compatibility (HAC) rules to cover additional modes of voice communications access, including Wi-Fi calling and VoIP applications.  In the NPRM, the FCC seeks comment on a joint … Continue Reading

FCC Delays Filing Deadline for International Traffic And Revenue Reports – New Filing Window to be Announced

As we discussed in a previous blog post, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) streamlined international telecommunications reporting requirements took effect February 2015.  New rule Section 43.62 requires common carriers engaged in international telecommunications service, as well as persons or entities engaged in providing international Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service connected to the public switched … Continue Reading

FCC Issues Disabilities Access Recordkeeping Compliance Certification Reminder

Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) released a Public Notice reminding telecommunications service providers, VoIP providers and advanced communications service (“ACS”) providers and equipment manufacturers of their obligation to maintain records of their efforts to implement accessibility requirements, and to annual certify their recordkeeping efforts. The April 1, 2015 filing will certify to compliance during 2014.… Continue Reading

FCC Announces Effectiveness of New International Reporting Requirements, Deadline for Filing Uncertain

In January 2013, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) comprehensively revised its reporting rules applicable to providers of international telecommunications, making numerous substantive revisions to the categories of providers subject to the reporting requirements, the information to be reported and the format of the reports. See our advisory on the January 2013 Order.… Continue Reading

Inexperience and Inadvertence No Excuse for Failure to Seek and Obtain FCC Consent to License Acquisitions

A recent Enforcement Bureau (“EB”) Order and Consent Decree highlights the perils that attend failure to get FCC approvals to transfer or assign wireless licenses. The March 13, 2014, release, involving Skybeam Acquisition Corporation and Digis, LLC, commonly-owned affiliates providing fixed wireless broadband service and VoIP, also confirmed, once again, that voluntary disclosure does not … Continue Reading

California Requires Most Carriers to Post a Performance Bond

A May 2013 California Public Utilities Commission decision requires most companies holding a California CPCN or wireless registration (“WIR”) to submit a $25,000 continuous performance bond. The decision also revises application/registration requirements, increases filing fees and sets a minimum annual User Fee.   In addition, the CPUC will convene a workshop to consider whether to require … Continue Reading

FCC Highlights Progress in Implementing CVAA Requirements

At its open meeting this month, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received a status report on the implementation of broad disabilities access obligations passed three years ago.  In the presentation, FCC staff members reported that the Commission met all of the implementation deadlines in the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA), and reminded … Continue Reading

Appeals Court Rules that Federal Courts May Hear Interconnection Agreement Claims in the First Instance

Barbara Miller co-authored this post. This week, the Fourth Circuit issued an important decision concerning the jurisdiction and role of federal courts in the interpretation and enforcement of state-approved Interconnection Agreements (“ICAs”).  In Central Telephone Co. v. Sprint Communications Co., the Fourth Circuit held that plaintiffs are not required to bring claims relating to the … Continue Reading

FCC Confirms Recently Modified International Reporting Requirements Will Not Be in Effect for 2013

We posted recently on rules the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC or Commission) adopted in January modifying the scope of and particulars of the annual International Traffic and Revenue reports and Circuit Status reports many international providers must file annually.   The effective date of those rules, which will extend certain reporting requirements to one- and … Continue Reading

Annual Reporting Requirements for International Carriers Revised; VoIP Providers and Certain Non-Common Carriers Now Obligated to File

Earlier this month, the FCC simplified the information that must be provided in certain international reports, action that should be welcomed by many carriers that have been subject to these reporting requirements.  The FCC’s Second Report and Order (“Second Streamlining Order”) in IB Docket No. 04-112 built on its May 2011 First Report and Order and … Continue Reading

FCC Opens the Year with A New Look at the Transition from TDM to IP Networks

Jameson Dempsey co-authored this post.  With the new year upon us, the FCC will soon be receiving comment on one of the “big picture” issues facing telecom regulation: addressing the evolution of the Public Switched Telephone Network (“PSTN”) from “legacy” time-division multiplexing (“TDM”) systems toward an Internet protocol (“IP”) based network.  The transition from the traditional … Continue Reading

VOIP Outage Reporting Requirements to Take Effect December 16, 2012

In several earlier posts, we informed you the FCC had adopted mandatory outage reporting regulations for both facilities-based and non-facilities-based interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers.  The FCC has now established those rules will take effect before the end of the year.  For more details on the VoIP outage reporting regulations, see our … Continue Reading

VoIP Outage Reporting Obligations One Step Closer to Implementation

This post was co-written by Randy Sifers. In February, the FCC adopted new outage reporting rules for interconnected VoIP providers.  Our story and our advisory on the new rules are available at this link.  At the time, we told you that the rules would become effective 90 days after OMB approved the new information collection. … Continue Reading

FCC Extends Outage Reporting Requirements To All Interconnected VoIP Providers

On February 21, 2012, the Federal Communications Commission issued a Report and Order ("Order") adopting outage reporting requirements for both facilities-based and non-facilities-based interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP") service providers on a mandatory basis in order to further ensure reliable 9-1-1 service. Outage notification and reporting requirements currently apply to a variety of voice … Continue Reading

Interconnected VoIP Providers Required to Report Outages

As we’ve discussed, today the FCC adopted rules to require interconnected VoIP providers to report network outages to the FCC.  The text of the FCC’s order has not been released, but the order adopts a much narrower outage reporting requirement than originally proposed.  Under the new rules, interconnected VoIP providers will be required to report … Continue Reading

VoIP Outage Reporting Obligations to be Adopted at February 15 FCC Meeting

VoIP providers, prepare to report outages to the FCC.  Since early in 2010, the FCC has been on a path to impose new outage reporting obligations on providers of interconnected VoIP services, despite industry opposition to the new requirements.  Today, the FCC released its "Sunshine Notice" confirming that it will vote on an order to adopt reporting … Continue Reading

FCC Clarifies USF Reform/Intercarrier Compensation Order

This post was drafted by Chip Yorkgitis and Josh Guyan. On Friday, February 3, 2012, the FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau and Wireless Telecommunications Bureau jointly released an order revising and clarifying certain aspects of the sweeping universal service and intercarrier compensation reform order adopted last November. The clarifications address the rates applicable to VoIP-PSTN traffic, access … Continue Reading

FCC Issues Clarification, Warning about Call Blocking Practices

Responding to complaints by rural LECs that call blocking has increased, the FCC yesterday issued a clarification and a stern warning to carriers not to block, choke or restrict calls to other carriers’ customers. While call completion issues can occur for a variety of reasons, allegations of “blocking” have arisen in a number of access … Continue Reading